A new solution for all our lifestyles

Brezze is the new sharing economy poised to disrupt the mobile technology business in Malaysia. Borne out of a commonly experienced problem – battery depletion that comes with frequent mobile usage, Brezze provides battery charging solutions through unparalleled convenience, extremely low costs and a plethora of usage benefits.

Never run out of juice for your devices

Access our extensive sharing platform through the Brezze app, available on both Apple and Andriod. Brezze allows users to find the closest Brezze stations, available at all transport hubs, public malls and major 24/7 locations. With Brezze, you no longer need to carry around bulky powerbanks, panic when you leave home with a low battery percentage or reduce mobile usage out of fear that the battery will go flat.



Step 1

Brezze app maps out routes to the nearest available Brezze stations using accurate real time GPS.

Step 2

Scan QR code on the Brezze station to collect your powerbank. Pay only for the rental duration.

Step 3

Charge and use while on the go, and return to any Brezze station when you are done.


Brezze powerbanks have a power output of 5000mAh and are certified with CE, FCC and CB safety marks. Have peace of mind when using a Brezze powerbank, outfitted with Apple, micro USB and C-type cables to charge all your mobile devices.


Not only are our rental rates extremely affordable, we have tied up with our Brezze station merchants to bring you great deals and discounts our users can access and redeem. You heard right, we reward you for charging your mobile device!


Brezze stations integrated with all major malls, transport hubs and 24/7 consumer outlets, our network will be extensive and leverage on convenience and accessibility. We are rolling out Brezze stations starting from May 2018. Meaning you can pick up and drop off powerbanks almost anywhere.

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